Corvus Energy Chosen by Wartsila for World’s Largest Electric Ro-Pax Ferry Battery Systems

By Editor


In a groundbreaking development for the maritime industry, Corvus Energy, the global leader in zero-emission solutions, has been selected by technology powerhouse Wartsila to provide advanced battery systems for the world’s largest 100 percent electric lightweight Ro-Pax ferry.

With an impressive energy storage capacity exceeding 40 MWh, this revolutionary battery system is set to become the largest ever installed on a ship, dwarfing the current largest installation by a factor of four.

The prestigious Incat shipyard, situated in Tasmania, will oversee the construction of this aluminum-crafted vessel, acting on behalf of the esteemed South American client, Buquebus. Stretching to an overall length of 130 meters, the ferry’s singular level will accommodate an astonishing 2100 passengers and crew, 225 vehicles, and a sprawling 2000 square meter Duty-Free Shop.

This vessel is set to not only make history as the largest of its kind but also as the one boasting the highest Energy Storage System (ESS) capacity. It is poised to undertake the longest zero-emission journey at remarkable speeds, all while being powered by the world’s highest capacity chargers.

Central to the success of this ambitious project is Corvus Energy’s latest technological triumph – the Dolphin NextGen lightweight battery. Building upon the foundation of the Corvus Blue Whale ESS, a result of an extensive 4-year, multi-million-dollar development program, the Dolphin NextGen is a testament to innovation. This battery’s design underwent a comprehensive reimagining, encompassing enhancements in battery chemistry, mechanical and electrical design, and software building blocks.

The Dolphin NextGen ESS is primed to revolutionize marine battery projects through its exceptional attributes – notably its low weight, volumetric density, robustness, and unparalleled flexibility.

Anticipated for delivery by the end of 2024, the battery systems are set to seamlessly integrate into the colossal ferry. The vessel is slated to commence operations in 2025, marking a momentous stride forward in the pursuit of sustainable maritime transportation.

This collaborative venture between Corvus Energy and Wartsila not only underscores the relentless march of innovation in battery technology but also highlights the maritime industry’s commitment to reducing emissions and embracing eco-friendly solutions. The future undoubtedly holds even more awe-inspiring advancements in the realm of electric maritime transport.

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