Eco Wave Power Sends Clean Electricity to Israeli National Grid from EWP-EDF One Project

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Eco Wave Power Global, an onshore wave energy company, has announced the initiation of transmitting clean electricity from its EWP-EDF One project in the Port of Jaffa to the Israeli National Electrical Grid.

Recently completing construction at the Port of Jaffa in Israel, the EWP-EDF One Project stands as a collaborative effort co-funded by EDF Renewable IL, holding a 50 percent stake, and the Israeli Ministry of Energy, recognizing Eco Wave Power’s technology as a groundbreaking innovation.

This venture, boasting a 100KW installed capacity and comprised of 10 floaters, officially connected to the Israeli national electrical grid in August 2023. This milestone signifies the inaugural instance in Israel’s history wherein wave-generated electricity feeds into the country’s national electrical grid.

Presently, the Eco Wave Power engineering team is engaged in calibrating the power plant’s automation system and rigorously testing equipment durability and functionality.
Eco Wave Power’s Engineering teamDuring a recent storm test, the engineering team confirmed the power station’s robustness, withstanding waves of up to 3.5 meters without any damage to the floaters’ mechanisms, highlighting the technology’s resilience.

Initial tests demonstrated promising results, with the power station achieving a peak energy output of approximately 32.4KW transmitted to the grid and maintaining a stable average energy output of around 10KW per hour.

Looking ahead, Eco Wave Power’s next ambitious project targets the Port of Los Angeles in the United States. Already possessing a fully assembled energy conversion unit and one floater mechanism at the Port of LA, the company finalized the civil engineering design for integrating floaters into the marine structure in partnership with KPFF, a California-based civil engineering firm. KPFF’s official safety approval of Eco Wave Power’s design marks a significant milestone.

With the detailed design and safety approvals submitted to the Port of LA, Eco Wave Power awaits final licensing from both the Port of Los Angeles and the Army Corps of Engineers. Upon reception, the company plans to produce seven additional floater mechanisms and swiftly proceed with installation.

Inna Braverman, Founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power, expressed enthusiasm about this pivotal move into the U.S. market: “The Port of LA project marks our strategic entry into the U.S. market, especially significant considering wave energy’s potential to supply a substantial portion of the country’s energy needs, as indicated by the United States Energy Information Administration.”

“Moreover, the recent enactment of California Senate Bill 605 further underscores the state’s commitment to evaluating wave and tidal energy, positioning this project as a historic moment for wave energy in America.”

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