Emeren Group Achieves Milestone with Sale of 1.5 GW BESS Portfolio in Italy to Matrix Renewables

By Editor


Emeren Group, a prominent solar project developer, owner, and operator, has successfully completed the sale of a substantial Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) portfolio in Italy to Matrix Renewables.

This accomplishment is a significant milestone within the framework of the proprietary Development Service Agreement (DSA) jointly executed by Emeren and Matrix in June, outlining their ambitious plan to develop a comprehensive 1.5 GW BESS portfolio. This transaction marks the second collaborative deal between the two entities, underscoring the substantial growth and success of their partnership and further solidifying Emeren’s leading position in the renewable energy sector.

The portfolio consists of five cutting-edge standalone storage systems, boasting a cumulative capacity of 3,787 MWh. These projects strategically located in the Apulia region of southern Italy are poised to make a substantial impact on the regional energy infrastructure. Anticipated to achieve Ready-To-Build status by late 2024, these projects represent a vital step in advancing Italy’s renewable energy landscape.

The Development Service Agreement entered into by Emeren and Matrix Renewables serves as a foundation for their collaborative efforts to bring cutting-edge BESS technology to the forefront of the energy sector. The sale of this substantial portfolio demonstrates not only the success of their joint vision but also the tangible progress toward a more sustainable energy future.

Emeren Group’s strategic focus on developing innovative and efficient renewable energy solutions is further solidified through this successful transaction. As the projects move toward the Ready-To-Build stage, Emeren and Matrix Renewables are poised to contribute significantly to Italy’s renewable energy goals, enhancing the nation’s capacity for clean and sustainable power.

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