Enel built over 5.2 GW of new renewable capacity

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Enel, a clean energy company, has built over 5.2 GW of new renewable capacity worldwide in 2022.

Enel has built 1.98 gigawatts (GW) of additional wind, solar and battery storage capacity across the US and Canada in 2022.

The company also added over 550 MW of new demand response capacity and had an additional 119 MW of distributed energy storage deployed or under contract in 2022.

Enel’s renewables business, Enel Green Power, closed out 2022 with several new clean power plants in North America, including the 270 MW Blue Jay solar project in Texas, the 250 MW 25 Mile Creek wind project in Oklahoma, and several others. The Blue Jay project also includes a paired battery storage facility expected to begin operation in 2023.

The new projects in the US and Canada represent over $200 million in new property tax revenue for communities and over $210 million in landowner payments over the projects’ lifetimes.

In 2022, Enel signed 12 power purchase agreements (PPAs) totaling over 630 MW, including deals with Campbell Soup Company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, McDonald’s and five members of its North America Logistics Council, and more.

To support the 25 Mile Creek wind project, Enel signed virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) in late 2022 with Verizon for a 100 MW portion of the wind farm’s output and with MathWorks for a 11 MW portion. The Clorox Company previously signed a VPPA for a 47 MW portion of the project.

In 2022, Enel announced the additions of Enel X Way, a new business line dedicated to electric mobility, and Gridspertise, a grid modernization subsidiary, in North America. Enel also revealed its intention to build a large-scale PV solar panel and cell manufacturing facility in the US and begin retail electricity sales in select deregulated US states.

Enel, at the company’s Capital Markets Day presentation to investors in November 2022, revealed plans to invest around $5 billion in the North American market, with the aim to develop approximately 5 GW of new renewable and battery energy storage capacity through 2025. Enel also aims to add 155 MW of distributed energy storage and 475,000 charging ports by 2025.

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