GE Vernova’s Digital Unveils Fleet Orchestration: Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Integration

GE Vernova

GE Vernova’s Digital business has introduced Fleet Orchestration, a pioneering software solution aimed at empowering power utilities to optimize renewable energy utilization without compromising grid reliability. This release follows closely on the heels of the company’s recent launch of CERius, a cutting-edge carbon emissions management software.

Linda Rae, General Manager of Power Generation and Oil & Gas at GE Vernova’s Digital, emphasized the significance of renewables in reducing fossil fuel dependence while acknowledging their inherent variability. “Renewables like wind and solar are crucial in the energy transition, but their intermittency poses challenges. Fleet Orchestration addresses this uncertainty for power companies, bolstering grid stability while slashing emissions,” Rae stated.

Fleet Orchestration leverages AI/ML and advanced modeling, catering to vertically integrated utilities by seamlessly integrating renewables with existing assets. Kiran Darmasseelane, an Industry Analyst at Verdantix, praised solutions like Fleet Orchestration for bridging the gap in integrating renewable energy into stable and reliable power supplies.

Key Features of Fleet Orchestration:

Performance Predictions and Unit Commitment Optimizer Modules:

Performance Predictions: Extends predictions to renewable energy, automating forecasts for various time intervals.

Unit Commitment Optimizer: Utilizes a fast-running stochastic model to offer real-time recommendations for navigating variability and matching generation with demand.

Rae highlighted the software’s ability to aid utilities in setting appropriate reserve margins and maximizing renewables use, crucial factors impacting a utility’s carbon footprint. Notably, Fleet Orchestration addresses the challenges outlined in ISO New England’s study, potentially reducing the need for excess fossil fuel reserves while boosting confidence in renewable energy strategies.

Moreover, Fleet Orchestration seamlessly integrates with GE Vernova’s GridOS® Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS), enhancing grid orchestration capabilities. The synergy between forecasting, unit commitment, and grid orchestration software offers a holistic approach to meeting demand and ensuring grid stability sustainably and cost-effectively.

This latest innovation from GE Vernova’s Digital marks a significant leap in advancing renewable energy integration, empowering utilities to navigate the dynamic energy landscape while driving towards a more sustainable future.