Global renewable energy investment to exceed $350 bn by 2020


Spending on utility-scale renewable energy projects will be a key trend for market growth, says the latest global renewable energy investment market research from Sandler Research.

The market research analyst predicts the global renewable energy investment market to exceed USD 350 billion by 2020.

Accounting for around 59 percent of the global renewable energy investment market, APAC will be the largest revenue contributing region during the forecast period.

The renewable energy projects that are more than 10 MW are said to be utility-scale renewable energy projects that benefit from state and local policies and programs.

The state and local policies and programs address the potential barriers by implementing correct measures. The utility-scale renewable energy projects are considered to be highly individualized energy projects wherein the most effective states have coupled renewable portfolio standards with financial mechanisms such as tax benefits and clean energy fund grants. This helps in encouraging and supporting the development of large-scale projects within their borders.

According to the renewable energy investment market report, high solar energy investments will be a key driver for market growth. The investments in the solar and wind energy are increasing considerably. If we look at the US market, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has provided industry stability and growth since 2006 where it has experienced a CAGR of 60 percent approximately.

On the other hand, there has been a drop in the cost of installation of the solar power plant by more than 70 percent. This has led to the expansion of new markets that has increased the deployment of multiple systems. The adoption of renewable energy resources is increasing in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, the UAE, andKuwait, resulting in improved employment opportunities worldwide.

In APAC, much of the region’s growth can be attributed to the rising integration of renewable grid with smart grid technology. Such integration will help reduce carbon footprints of electric power systems, and will also enhance investment and financing opportunities for renewable energy vendors. The growing importance of renewable energy in addressing climate change and improving energy security will boost renewable energy investment market growth in APAC in the coming years.

The facility of equity capital for renewable energy investment market helps companies in overcoming capital restraints, develop advanced technologies, augment required skills, and establish international connections. Companies like Riverstone, which is the largest private equity fund, manage private renewable energy investments on a global scale. The company focuses on developing incremental production of renewable energy resources across the globe.

Key players in the global renewable energy investment market include: Goldman Sachs, Macquarie, GE Energy Financial Services, and Center Bridge Partners. Other prominent vendors in the market are: Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, EKF, KFW, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial, and TerraForm Power.

Source: Sandler Research

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