Greenprint Capital Management and AB CarVal Join Forces to Boost Renewable Energy Investments

By Editor


Greenprint Capital Management, a prominent clean energy and tax credit investment platform focusing on utility-scale solar photovoltaic and energy storage projects, has inked a crucial agreement with funds managed by AB CarVal. The collaboration is geared towards funding Greenprint’s tax equity pipeline and renewable energy tax credit warehouse, propelling the growth of sustainable energy initiatives.

The joint venture, named Greenprint Value Investors, will facilitate access to substantial tax equity capital, amounting to upwards of $2.5 billion. This capital infusion will bolster Greenprint’s capacity to collaborate with its existing corporate clientele and attract new customers seeking tax mitigation strategies through the acquisition of renewable energy tax credits.

Currently overseeing a diverse portfolio of renewable energy tax credit (RETC) investments across 37 discreet funds and 16 states, Greenprint is well-positioned to provide project developers and sponsors with the financial support they need. This joint venture will significantly expand their ability to transact with various stakeholders in the renewable energy sector.

Peter DeFazio, managing director at Greenprint, highlighted the potential impact of this collaboration, stating, “This capital has the potential to accelerate and streamline our tax equity investment process to support our growing pipeline of high-quality renewable energy and storage projects.”

Jerry Keefe, principal at AB CarVal, “The market needs the nimble experience Greenprint provides, and this partnership will allow us to finance a diverse range of renewable energy and clean infrastructure assets that require investment tax credit monetization.”

This collaboration is poised to propel the renewable energy sector forward by enhancing liquidity and facilitating the financing of sustainable infrastructure, thus contributing to the widespread adoption of renewable energy and clean technology.

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