India’s renewable energy achievements in last 4 years

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India Government has revealed the main achievements in the renewable energy sector in the last 4 years.

The government said $42 billion investment was made in renewable energy in India during last 4 years.

India’s renewable power installed capacity has reached over 70 GW. Over 40 GW renewable power capacities are under different stages of construction / tenders.

India stands 4th in wind power, 5th in renewable power and 6th in solar power installed capacity globally.

India’s solar energy capacity increased by over 8 times from 2.63 GW in 2014 to 22 GW.

India’s wind energy capacity increased by 1.6 times from 21 GW in 2014 to 34 GW.

India announced bidding for 115GW renewable power projects up to March 2020.

India is well on track to achieving 175 GW target of installed renewable energy capacity.

Different projects

KUSUM (KisanUrja Suraksha evamUtthaanMahabhiyan) Scheme:

27.5 lakh solar pumps (17.50 lakh standalone + 10 Lakh Grid-connected)

10 GW of Solar Power Plants of intermediate capacity of 0.5–2 MW

50,000 Grid-connected tube-wells/lift irrigation and drinking water projects

SRISTI (Sustainable Rooftop Implementation for Solar Transfiguration of India)

India notified competitive bidding guidelines for procurement of solar and wind power in 2017. India discovered the lowest tariff of Rs. 2.44 per unit for solar and Rs. 2.43 per unit for wind. India will inaugurate the first solar plant bid at Rs. 2.44 in August 2018.

India has waived the Inter State Transmission System charges and losses for inter-state sale of solar and wind power for projects to be commissioned by March 2022. This will encourage setting up of the projects in states that have greater resource potential and availability of suitable land.

The ministry has also brought out one tender for setting up 2000 MW solar-wind hybrid in existing projects.

India has enhanced target for Solar Parks from 20 GW to 40 GW. India has sanctioned 41 Solar Parks in 21 states with aggregate capacity of over 26 GW. Largest Solar Park of 2 GW capacity in Pavagada, Karnataka is under implementation. India announced new Solar Park policy to encourage participation by private parties and CPSUs in setting up Solar Parks.

Off-shore from Tamil Nadu and Gujarat coast provides among the best locations from wind power generation. India has formulated offshore wind power policy and expression of interest for initial 1GW off-shore wind power has already been issued.

India has issued expression of interest for setting up solar PV manufacturing capacities linked with assured off take of 20GW.

The Green Energy Corridor projects seek creation of grid infrastructure for renewable power evacuation and to reshape grid for future requirements. The intra state transmission scheme (InSTS) being implemented by eight renewable rich states with an investment of Rs 10,141 crore will set up about 9400 ckm transmission lines and substations of total capacity of 19000 MVA will be completed by March 2020.

Foreign investors can enter into joint venture with an Indian partner for financial and / or technical collaboration and for setting up of renewable energy-based power generation projects. 100 percent foreign investment as equity qualifies for automatic approval. India is also encouraging foreign Investors to set up renewable energy-based power generation projects on build-own-operate basis.

Renewable energy projects set up in last 4 years have created around 10 million man day’s employment per annum. The Suryamitra program has trained over 18,631 Suryamitras up to 31 March 2018.

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