Itron Launches IEE MDM Solution on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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Itron, a leading innovator in energy and water management for utilities and cities, has unveiled the availability of its Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE) Meter Data Management (MDM) on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

This development streamlines the process for utilities to leverage Itron’s data management product by hosting it on the Azure cloud platform.

The IEE MDM solution empowers utilities with a forward-looking platform to manage data from smart electric meters and other endpoints securely.

Key benefits of IEE MDM include:

Real-time Data Collection: Near real-time data collection ensures both utilities and customers have access to accurate information, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Meter Data Quality and Validation: IEE MDM employs robust calculations to deliver precise billing information, scalable to meet the requirements of utilities of all sizes.

Built-in Reporting and Analytics: Advanced analytics capabilities allow utilities to swiftly identify operational irregularities and convert insights into actionable strategies.

Enhanced Operational Efficiencies: On-demand reading capabilities and remote connect/disconnect functionalities contribute to reduced field costs and improved operational efficiency.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Timely access to data enables customers to resolve issues promptly, fostering streamlined energy-saving initiatives.

Don Reeves, Senior Vice President of Outcomes at Itron, emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering utilities with tools for secure, real-time data management. He highlighted IEE MDM’s widespread adoption globally and its potential to drive critical business operations and analytics.

Jake Zborowski, General Manager of Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft, has underscored the significance of Itron’s presence on the Azure Marketplace, emphasizing its role in connecting customers worldwide with trusted, certified solutions optimized for Azure.

The Azure Marketplace serves as a hub for purchasing and deploying cloud solutions certified to operate on Azure, facilitating seamless access to innovative, cloud-based solutions for companies seeking technological advancements.

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