LG Energy Solution unveils energy storage solutions at InterBattery Europe

By Editor


LG Energy Solution has unveiled its innovative energy storage solutions (ESS) at the InterBattery Europe 2024 in Munich, Germany.

“With a high proportion of renewable energy generation and advanced environmental regulations, the European market holds substantial potential demand for ESS,” said an LG Energy Solution representative. “At InterBattery Europe 2024, we introduced our key strategies and product portfolio to lead the European ESS market.”

LG Energy Solution showcased residential ESS products including enblock E and New Modularized Solution – the new LFP long-cell based grid ESS. The JF1 pack sample used in enblock E stands out for its compatibility with residential, commercial, and power applications to address customer needs and enhance cost efficiency.

LG Energy Solution’s New Modularized Solutions feature high-capacity LFP long cell, JF2. This modular container-type product is configurable to various capacities based on specific needs and is delivered fully assembled for the customer’s convenience.

LG Energy Solution also showcased its uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery solution that provides emergency power to essential facilities such as traditional and AI data centers, IT departments, and telecommunications infrastructure.

LG Energy Solution’s lithium-ion technology offers higher energy efficiency and a longer operational lifespan than traditional lead-acid batteries used for UPS systems, resulting in a more reliable and cost-effective power backup solution for critical operations.

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