Lhyfe Unveils Green Hydrogen Production Site in Brittany

Lhyfe Bretagne

Lhyfe, a producer of green and renewable hydrogen for both industry and mobility, has inaugurated its production site, Lhyfe Bretagne, located in Buleon.

While specific financial details remain undisclosed, Lhyfe Bretagne stands poised to be a primary supplier of hydrogen for local transport networks and the industrial operations of regional companies. Notably, Lorient Agglomeration emerges as the maiden urban community in Brittany set to benefit from the hydrogen sourced from this site.

This inauguration aligns with the VHyGO (Great West Hydrogen Valley) initiative, bolstered by support from ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

The VHyGO project aims to revolutionize energy infrastructure by promoting green hydrogen usage across the western regions of France, facilitating the transition toward cleaner and more sustainable energy sources for industry and transportation.

Lhyfe’s strategic expansion includes the establishment of two new sites in Brittany and Occitanie, both boasting production capacities five times larger than their inaugural site in Pays de la Loire. This expansion aligns with the escalating demand for green and renewable hydrogen in the market, with ambitions to produce up to 80 tonnes daily by 2026.

Situated near the VSB Energies Nouvelles wind farm, Lhyfe Bretagne is poised to produce up to two tonnes of green and renewable hydrogen per day, totaling approximately 575 tonnes annually, boasting an installed electrolysis capacity of 5 MW.

The environmental impact is noteworthy, as two tonnes of hydrogen could facilitate a hydrogen-powered truck to journey around 25,000 km, emitting zero CO2 emissions, while the same quantity could propel a car roughly five times around the Earth or around 200,000 km.

The hydrogen production process remains completely carbon-free, utilizing renewable electricity sourced through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with various renewable energy producers, including VSB Energies Nouvelles. This commitment to sustainability extends to the short supply chain approach, enabling efficient distribution throughout the Brittany region.

Lhyfe Bretagne’s involvement in the VHyGO initiative extends beyond production, as it plans to supply two HyGO filling stations within the Lorient urban area, expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2024.

Additionally, the initiative includes plans to power 19 buses and two passenger transport boats with clean hydrogen, furthering the region’s commitment to eco-friendly transportation. These hydrogen-powered Transrades will mark a significant milestone in France’s clean energy ventures.

Lorient Agglomération’s dedication to ecological transition is evident through its endeavor to overhaul its public transport fleet, aiming for complete adoption of clean vehicles by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. The migration of buses and maritime vessels to renewable hydrogen and BioNGV (biomethane) forms a crucial part of this ambitious agenda.