MOL Group Opens €22 mn Green Hydrogen Plant in Europe

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MOL Group has inaugurated a green hydrogen plant in Szazhalombatta, marking it as the largest of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. With a capacity of 10 megawatts, this green hydrogen plant signifies an investment of €22 million by MOL Group, aimed at fostering a more sustainable future.

The opening of this green hydrogen facility heralds a new era in fuel production, poised to significantly mitigate carbon dioxide emissions. By leveraging innovative technology, the plant is projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the Danube Refinery by a staggering 25,000 tonnes annually, aligning closely with MOL Group’s overarching corporate strategy, SHAPE TOMORROW.

This strategic investment enables MOL Group to produce approximately 1,600 tonnes of clean, carbon-neutral green hydrogen per year. This marks a pivotal step towards decarbonizing industrial operations, as the green hydrogen will gradually supplant the current natural gas-based production processes.

The technology behind the plant, developed in collaboration with Plug Power, utilizes electrolysis units powered by renewable energy sources to efficiently break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. Notably, this process generates no harmful by-products and even yields 8-9 tonnes of pure oxygen per tonne of hydrogen produced.

“MOL Group has reached another milestone: we can now produce green hydrogen without producing any greenhouse gases. Our green hydrogen plant is only making MOL’s industrial operations greener, but tomorrow it will offer solutions for the whole industry and hydrogen mobility,” Jozsef Molnar, CEO of MOL Group, said.

Plug CEO Andy Marsh hailed the collaboration with MOL Group, underscoring the role of green hydrogen in advancing towards carbon neutrality and fostering greener operations within the refinery sector. News Desk

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