Monsson Commissions Romania’s Largest Energy Battery Storage Facility

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Monsson, a key player in Romania’s renewable energy sector, has unveiled the nation’s most extensive energy battery storage capacity, marking a significant milestone in the country’s transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

The inauguration ceremony took place at an operational 50 MW project, where the storage unit is a pivotal component of the first hybrid photovoltaic-wind-battery project in Romania.

The event garnered attention from governmental authorities, business leaders, and energy experts alike. Dignitaries such as Alexandra Bocșe, State Counsellor at the Presidential Administration, and Gabriel Andronache, Vice President of ANRE, graced the occasion, underscoring its importance in Romania’s energy landscape.

The storage unit boasts an impressive installed capacity of 24 MWh, equivalent to 6 MW over four hours, making it a substantial addition to the country’s energy infrastructure. Constructed by Monsson as an integrator, the project reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, leveraging proprietary design and expertise. Furthermore, the venture represents the initial phase of a broader initiative, with plans to install a total storage capacity of 216 MWh at the same location by year-end.

Key to the success of the project is its modular design, tailored for large-scale applications and engineered to withstand harsh climate conditions. Monsson’s cutting-edge monitoring and safety technologies ensure efficient operation and facilitate seamless integration with the national grid. Notably, the Lithium Ion batteries powering the facility are locally sourced from Romanian company Prime Batteries Technology, highlighting the project’s emphasis on domestic innovation and industry collaboration.

In his remarks, Sebastian Enache, a board member of Monsson, emphasized the project’s strategic importance in advancing renewable energy penetration and grid stability. He underscored the role of energy storage in mitigating the volatility of renewable sources and reducing electricity costs for consumers, positioning Romania as a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions.

The inauguration ceremony also witnessed accolades from industry leaders, with Vicențiu Ciobanu, CEO of Prime Batteries Technology, commending the collaboration between Monsson and Prime as a testament to Romania’s capacity for innovation. Similarly, Gabriel Andronache of ANRE reiterated the significance of energy storage in facilitating the transition to renewables, calling for greater support and prioritization from regulatory bodies.

Echoing these sentiments, Virgiliu Ivan of Transelectrica emphasized the need for holistic approaches to energy management, advocating for the active involvement of consumers in shaping the national energy landscape. Corina Popescu, a senior energy specialist, hailed the project as a testament to Romania’s commitment to EU climate goals and lauded the country’s role as a trailblazer in renewable energy innovation.

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