Nexamp commissions Sungrow energy storage system

By Editor


Nexamp, a solar and energy storage company, has commissioned a Sungrow energy storage system comprised of four units, integrated with Energy Toolbase’s Acumen EMS controls software, as part of the Old Frontier III community solar site.

Energy Toolbase and Nexamp have deployed a front-of-the-meter energy storage system as part of one of Nexamp’s solar + storage projects in Massachusetts.

This project is Energy Toolbase’s first controls project with Nexamp, which is working toward commissioning additional solar projects throughout Massachusetts.

Sited in Deerfield, Massachusetts, the 1,000 kW/2,192 kWh Acumen EMS-controlled energy storage system is Energy Toolbase’s first DC-coupled project. It leverages the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) and Clean Peak Standard programs, which both incentivize clean energy technologies that promote solar and storage development and supply electricity during peak demand periods.

As part of Nexamp’s national community solar program, the Old Frontier Solar III farm gives residents the opportunity to subscribe to a local community solar farm and support the expansion of solar with no up-front cost and no equipment to install. Residents subscribing to the Old Frontier Solar III farm receive credits on their electric utility bill for energy produced by their solar farm share and are billed for the value of those credits at a fixed discount.

“We’re bringing our Acumen EMS controls software into the Northeast market, especially on a large front-of-the-meter project with a trusted developer like Nexamp,” said Kevin Mulvey, Vice President of Operations at Energy Toolbase.

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