PowerCell and Hitachi Energy Unveil HyFlex, Revolutionizing Emission-Free Power Production

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PowerCell Group, a pioneer in hydrogen-electric solutions, has joined forces with Hitachi Energy, a global frontrunner in sustainable energy technology, to introduce their latest innovation – HyFlex.

This innovative product represents a flexible container solution designed for emission-free power production across a diverse range of applications. By harnessing a 100kW hydrogen fuel cell from PowerCell in tandem with batteries, HyFlex ensures independent power generation devoid of greenhouse gas emissions, particularly when utilizing green hydrogen.

The efficacy of HyFlex was recently showcased during a demonstrative exhibition held from March 4th to 17th at the Port of Gothenburg. During the event, HyFlex provided power to an electric excavator manufactured by Volvo Construction Equipment.

The demonstration, supported by Linde Gas, the world’s largest industrial gas company supplying green hydrogen, underscores the collaborative effort of industry leaders to validate the readiness of hydrogen-electric technology for widespread adoption in commercial settings.

Tobias Hansson, Country Managing Director of Hitachi Energy in Sweden, emphasized the significance of collaborative endeavors in advancing the energy transition, stating, “This is a great example of the importance and power of collaboration when industry leaders come together to accelerate the energy transition.”

Viktor Allguren, Innovation Manager at the Port of Gothenburg, highlighted the versatility of hydrogen applications within port operations, envisioning hydrogen’s potential utilization in various contexts beyond the demonstration.

Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Group, expressed confidence in the commercial viability of hydrogen-electric solutions, emphasizing their potential to supplant fossil fuels in power generation while addressing the escalating demand for sustainable industrial solutions.

Berkling further emphasized the versatility of HyFlex, envisioning its potential to replace diesel-driven generator sets across various applications, from construction sites to maritime and port electrification initiatives.

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