Recurrent Energy Sells 100 MW Mannum energy storage project to Epic Energy

Recurrent Energy solar business

Canadian Solar reported that its subsidiary Recurrent Energy, a global player in solar and energy asset development, has concluded the sale of the 100 MW/200 MWh Mannum energy storage project in South Australia to Epic Energy.

This marks Recurrent Energy’s third project sale to Epic Energy, a South Australian firm specializing in energy infrastructure ownership and operation. Epic Energy currently holds ownership of the 7 MW Mannum Stage One and 39 MW Mannum Stage Two solar projects, both initially developed by Recurrent Energy.

The inception of the Mannum energy storage project by Recurrent Energy, situated in Mannum, Australia, aligns with its strategy to complement existing Mannum solar projects. The objective is to offer beneficial grid services and facilitate market support within the South Australian energy landscape. e-STORAGE, chosen by Recurrent Energy, is tasked with delivering its SolBank energy storage solution for this venture. Construction is projected to commence in the first half of 2024, with commercial operations anticipated to begin in 2025.