SANY Unveils World’s Largest Single Hydrogen Electrolyzer

SANY Hydrogen develops electrolyzer test platform
Electrolyzer test platform developed by SANY Hydrogen

SANY Hydrogen, the hydrogen energy subsidiary under the umbrella of industrial giant SANY Heavy Industry, has made a significant stride in green energy technology with the launch of the world’s largest single hydrogen electrolyzer.

The newly introduced S-series square electrolyzer boasts an unparalleled capacity, capable of producing 3,000 standard cubic meters of hydrogen per hour through the utilization of renewable electricity sources.

This groundbreaking development arrives amid the backdrop of COP28, where strategies to phase out fossil fuels gained momentum, marking a tangible shift toward climate action. However, the existing GW-Grade hydrogen production method, reliant on renewable energy, encounters substantial challenges: high production costs, heightened maintenance demands, and inconsistent performance.

Addressing these hurdles, SANY’s S Series 3,000-standard-cubic-meter square electrolyzer sets a new industry benchmark by significantly reducing system costs and enhancing the utilization of green electricity, offering a practical solution for large-scale applications. Operating at a current density of 10,000A/m2 ensures heightened production efficiency, increasing green electricity utilization by 10 percent and slashing maintenance costs by 30 percent.

The latest GW-GRADE innovation leverages the inherent strengths of SANY’s S Series lineup, featuring a compact design, modular construction, increased current density, and pressurized operation, revolutionizing the mass production and application of green hydrogen.

SANY’s achievements extend beyond this groundbreaking launch, encompassing the establishment of an alkaline electrolyzer production line with an annual capacity of 1.5GW. Furthermore, the operational 20MW electrolyzer test platform signifies a pivotal step in product development and rapid iteration for SANY Hydrogen.

Xiang Wenbo, rotating chairman of SANY, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating, “The GW-Grade solution and large-capacity electrolyzer mark the dawn of a new era in SANY’s hydrogen technology development.”

Setting ambitious targets, SANY aims to emerge as China’s foremost provider of comprehensive hydrogen solutions within five years, leading the global industry transformation. The company is strategically building a hydrogen industry chain encompassing green production, storage, transportation, and refueling equipment.

SANY Hydrogen’s commitment revolves around elevating core technological innovations and establishing a closed supply chain across the entire industry ecosystem, aligning with China’s 2030/2060 “Dual Carbon” objectives.