Shanghai Electric energy solutions @ International Neutrality Expo

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Shanghai Electric has showcased its energy solutions at the second edition of Shanghai International Neutrality Expo from June 5-8.

For wind energy, Shanghai Electric’s 16MW low-frequency offshore wind turbine, which boasts the world’s largest capacity of its kind, offers numerous advantages. These include enhanced power transmission capabilities, flexible grid connection, and better flexible control.

Aiming to boost the performance of energy storage batteries while lowering costs, Shanghai Electric has developed the 500kW/2MWh vanadium-iron liquid flow battery that boasts the largest single-capacity in the world.

It features Shanghai Electric’s proprietary electrolyte formula that cuts the cost by 40 percent, with the battery structure and innovative fluoride-free ion exchange membrane significantly enhancing the battery’s energy density, conversion efficiency, and longevity.

Lightweight and compact, Shanghai Electric’s cost-reducing Z series alkaline electrolyzer offers wide load operation, with its single tank hydrogen production ranging from 1000 to 3000Nm3/h and a high current density of 10000A/m.

Shanghai Electric’s 25Mvar high-inertia flywheel integrated equipment increases the system’s short-circuit capacity and response speed. The kinetic energy of the freewheel combination is 140MW.s, with an inertia time constant of 11.2s.

At the booth, Shanghai Electric is also displaying the F-class heavy-duty hydrogen-blended turbines, compressed air energy storage systems, voltage transformers, and “Guohe One” nuclear power technology.

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