Siemens develops more efficient offshore transformer module

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A new offshore transformer module of Siemens promises 40 percent cost savings for near shore-wind turbines in connecting to the grid.

Traditional AC transformers transmit electricity from turbines to the mainland at high voltage by means of subsea cables. They require separate, enormous platforms that could weigh anywhere between 1,800 and 4,000 metric tonnes.

The new module of Siemens does away with the need for this additional platform. The modules can be mounted at the base of the existing wind turbines resulting in savings in material and installation time, and reduction in risk.

The new modules measuring 30 by 15 meters weigh about 630 metric tons and deliver output of 250 MW. For the modules to reach the transmission capacity required of larger wind farms, the modules can be linked to one another to better bear the load.

Ajith Kumar S

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