Sigenergy showcases innovative storage solutions at Intersolar 2024

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Sigenergy is set to showcase innovative storage solutions for both residential and commercial customers — at Intersolar 2024.

Sigenergy is offering SigenStor, the 5-in-1 energy storage system that integrates solar, storage and EV charging. Homeowners can select either 5kWh or 8kWh batteries to configure the system, with flexible configurations up to 48kWh EES.

SigenStor also supports dynamic electricity tariffs and VPP services. It is the first energy storage system that integrates DC fast charging. With NIO electric vehicles, SigenStor supports bidirectional charging and discharging across China. Sigenergy is currently in talks with EU car brands to test the capabilities of V2X charging.

Sigenergy recently received the Red Dot Design Award for its AC charging solution: Sigen EV AC Charger. SigenStor was nominated for this year’s THE Smarter E AWARD.

SigenStor is an excellent option for smaller C&I projects. SigenStor can install 1-6 batteries per stack, providing up to 48kWh EES (8kWh per battery pack). With up to 20 SigenStors connected in parallel, it can provide up to 960kWh battery capacity.

SigenStack, Sigenergy’s new energy storage solution for the C&I segment, takes the SigenStor design concept to larger commercial and industrial (C&I) projects. It comprises a hybrid inverter and battery pack.

The SigenStack inverter series offers various power ranges, including 50kW, 60kW, 80kW, 100kW and 110kW, all ready to be connected to the battery. It is the smallest and most compact 110 kW hybrid inverter, offering easy transportation and installation.

Sigenergy says SigenStack’s battery module have a capacity of 10.75kWh, allowing for the installation of 4-7 batteries in one stack. By connecting multiple stacks, a single inverter can connect up to 21 battery modules to provide 225kWh capacity.

Customers can install both SigenStor and SigenStack almost anywhere: indoor, outdoor, may it be a rooftop or a corridor. Integrating the Sigen Energy Gateway, SigenStor can be utilized in all scenarios from on-grid, to micro-grid to off-grid.

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