SolarCity service for cheaper solar power to affordable housing communities

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SolarCity has launched a service that makes solar electricity cheaper for affordable housing developers, builders and residents.

A statement claims SolarCity will finance and install solar power systems on rooftops and carports of affordable housing communities.

And the electricity generated by these systems will be distributed within the community and used to power both common areas and individual housing units.

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Residents receive credits on their utility bills based on the amount of solar electricity allocated to their units. It is tracked by means of the policy of virtual net metering.

The service is among a growing list of community solar models offering cost saving on clean energy to renters and not just homeowners.

Solarcity is making it possible for single family home builders, too, to install affordable solar power on new homes before the owners move in.

The service expands the accessibility of solar to all communities, will help create local installation jobs in low income communities and ensure that these families have access to clean, healthier sources of energy, the statement says.

In California, SolarCity partnered with Everyday Energy, a developer and advocate for the economically disadvantaged, to help extend the benefits of solar to the residents of affordable housing communities.

Everyday Energy analyzes residents’ electricity usage and helps developers direct savings to individual residential units based on solar production and usage.

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