StormFisher Hydrogen Secures $30 mn Investment to Accelerate Renewable Fuel Projects

By Editor


StormFisher Hydrogen, a developer of low carbon fuel facilities, has sealed an investment deal worth $30 million from ARC Financial Corp.

The infusion of capital is earmarked for the development of ongoing projects across the United States and Canada.

The divestment of its organic waste-to-energy division has positioned StormFisher to double down on its focus on producing renewable electricity-derived fuels, commonly referred to as e-fuels. This strategic shift aligns with the burgeoning demand for sustainable energy alternatives as industries navigate their transition towards cleaner sources.

Formerly known as StormFisher, the company has been actively engaged in e-fuel initiatives since 2018, leveraging its expertise in producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) at scale. With a pipeline of projects in the works, StormFisher Hydrogen aims to deploy several million dollars in capital over the next 5-10 years to bolster its portfolio of facilities.

The investment from ARC Financial will expedite StormFisher Hydrogen’s efforts in developing electrolysis-based fuels, including clean hydrogen, e-methane, e-methanol, and green ammonia. These initiatives are pivotal in addressing the pressing need to decarbonize various sectors, including natural gas utilities, heavy industries, and marine transportation.

Each of StormFisher’s facilities has the capacity to produce substantial amounts of e-fuels, with the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions. For instance, the production of e-methane can offset the carbon footprint of over 60,000 homes, while e-methanol production can fuel large-scale transportation vessels.

StormFisher Hydrogen has reinstated three key executives with track records of success in clean energy infrastructure development: Brandon Moffatt as EVP of Project Development and Execution, Chris Guillon as EVP of Commercial Operations and Finance, and Pearce Fallis as EVP of Project Origination and Development.

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