SunGas Renewables inks deal with Arbor Renewable Gas

Dollar in Green Business

SunGas Renewables announced an agreement with Arbor Renewable Gas for supply of its SunGas System 1000 technology and equipment package to Arbor Gas’ Spindletop Renewable Gasoline Project in Beaumont, Texas.

The Spindletop Project will utilize the System 1000 to convert sustainably sourced woody biomass into renewable synthesis gas for the production of approximately 345,000 barrels annually of renewable gasoline with a negative carbon intensity score.

SunGas will supply Arbor Gas with the System 1000 design, equipment components, and services required to support the startup of the Spindletop Project in the second half of 2024.

SunGas will supply the System 1000 to Arbor Gas including gasification technology, process design, and the major equipment systems such as wood waste feeding, gasifier reactor, fines separation, ash removal, tar conversion, syngas cooling, and syngas filtration.