Sungrow signs ESS deal with Doral Renewable Energy

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Sungrow has signed a contract to supply inverter and Energy Storage System (ESS) with DC or AC coupled solutions to Doral Renewable Energy Resources Group, Israel-based renewable energy developer.

Sungrow will deliver the capacity for multiple projects between mid-2023 to the end of 2024. The projects are expected to be connected to the grid by the end of 2024.

Currently, approximately 10 percent of Israel’s energy comes from renewable sources. The Israeli government is committed to producing 30 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030. Solar energy is expected to account for 26 percent of this goal.

Sungrow entered the Israeli market in mid-2020 and signed its first ESS deal with Doral in March 2022 with a 253 MWh energy storage project. Sungrow signed a significant liquid-cooled energy storage supply contract with Enlight Energy in late 2021. Sungrow also signed dozens of MWh project already installed at Dalia Power Energies.

Doral Energy’s total pipeline in both Solar Storage I & II government tenders reached over 1.4 GWh.

Sungrow is Israel’s leading ESS supplier with a market share of over 40 percent.

“With many solar energy plus energy storage projects underway, Doral is establishing its position as the industry leader,” Roni Brandes, Head of Storage, Projects and Procurement of Doral, said.

“Through the addition of this several hundred MWh project for Doral Energy with the previous capacity Doral purchased, Sungrow is one of Israel’s key energy storage solution suppliers, contributing to local net-zero carbon ambition,” said Tzvi Ben David, General Manager of Sungrow Israel.

The liquid cooled ESS slashes operating costs while its cell design substantially slows down the capacity loss rate. The system’s total weight is 26.4 Tons, meaning that it can be transported in one piece. Its design also cuts installation time in half and saves at least 0.02$/Wh in installation costs.

The DC-coupled design – replacing the switchgears of the battery racks – is streamlined and doesn’t need an additional Power Conversion System (PCS) and a medium-voltage station – resulting in lower expenses.

Additional advantages of Sungrow’s liquid cooled technology are the reduction of auxiliary consumption by over 50 percent, and the 23 percent increase in the system’s life expectancy.

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