Sunmaxx PVT and Hanebutt Group Forge Alliance to Accelerate Decarbonization of Buildings in Germany

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Sunmaxx PVT, a developer and manufacturer of photovoltaic-thermal solar modules (PVT), has announced a strategic partnership with the Hanebutt Group from Lower Saxony, aiming to revolutionize the scaling of PVT system installations across Germany. This collaboration is set to drive the rapid decarbonization of both private and commercial buildings throughout the country.

Hanebutt, along with SW-Dach, a division of the Hanebutt Group, is gearing up to initiate Sunmaxx module-based projects in their primary locations, spanning Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg, Herbolzheim, and Relzow.

The Hanebutt Group, comprising 580 team members across these sites, is poised to lead the installation of Sunmaxx’s pioneering PVT systems. These modules, blending traditional photovoltaics with solar thermal technology, offer dual benefits of generating electricity and heat.

When coupled with heat pumps, they pave the way for swift and complete decarbonization of energy supplies in both residential and industrial buildings. What sets them apart is an independently verified efficiency rating of 80 percent, eclipsing their competitors significantly.

Henning Hanebutt, master roofer and third-generation managing director, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “Joining the Sunmaxx partner network allows us to offer customers innovative avenues for achieving self-sufficiency in their energy and heat supply. The reliability and efficiency of Sunmaxx PVT modules empower us to meet the soaring demand for renewable heating solutions, particularly amid uncertain developments in gas prices.”

Franz Ziering, CSO at Sunmaxx, shared his excitement about the collaboration: “We have gained the confidence of the Hanebutt Group in our technology. Together, we’re poised to embark on compelling projects across Germany, driving the expansion of PVT installations and sustainable energy.”

Sunmaxx manufactures PVT modules and actively aids partners in system design. Collaborators like Hanebutt oversee project management, consultation, and execution of PVT projects for industrial and end customers, ensuring the seamless implementation of energy solutions.

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