Trina Storage Deploys 50MWh Energy Storage System for Innovative Fishery-Solar Hybrid Project

By Editor


Trina Storage, a trailblazer in energy storage solutions, has announced the successful deployment of a fully integrated 50MWh energy storage system. This cutting-edge system powers a hybrid fishery-solar project in Tianmen, Hubei province, China, bolstering a 400MW photovoltaic capacity and revolutionizing sustainable energy practices.

The connected system integrates a 1500 VDC energy storage system comprising ten 2.5MW/5MWh Trina Storage battery cabinets. Engineered with precision thermal management technology, these units ensure optimal heat dissipation, extending battery lifespan and reliability.

The innovation showcased in this hybrid project transcends conventional boundaries. By situating solar panels over fish ponds, the project achieves dual functionality, enabling energy generation while fostering underwater fish breeding. This holistic approach combines sustainable agriculture with state-of-the-art technology, reaping benefits such as land preservation, energy efficiency, emission reduction, and heightened economic opportunities for farmers.

Functioning as a model for fishery-solar-storage integration, this initiative facilitates energy shifting, primary frequency regulation, and various related applications. Trina Storage’s commitment to technological advancements is further exemplified by the recent launch of their latest utility-scale battery product, the Trina Storage Elementa 2. This 4MWh energy storage system, unveiled at All-Energy Australia, signifies a milestone in delivering high-performance, safe, and adaptable solutions tailored for utility-scale energy storage demands.

The Elementa 2 boasts high energy density, allowing seamless integration within a standard 20-foot container, optimizing logistics and aiming for cost-efficiency. Leveraging vertically integrated production capabilities spanning Trina-Cell, battery racks, and cabinets, Trina Storage ensures unparalleled reliability and safety in their offerings.

This groundbreaking project not only showcases technological prowess but also underscores Trina Storage’s unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions, setting new benchmarks for integrated PV and energy storage initiatives worldwide.

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