Unergy raises over $540,000 from retail investors 

By Editor


Unergy, a Latin American CleanTech and FinTech firm specializing in financing high-performance renewable energy assets, has successfully raised over €500,000 (USD 540,000) from retail investors.

Just two months after opening its first European subsidiary, the company announces Due Diligence procedures for over €10 million of private and institutional capital. Unergy’s innovative model focuses on creating high-performing mini-solar farms in countries with favorable natural conditions but lacking liquidity.

The startup presently has a portfolio of over 50 mini-solar farm projects, primarily in Colombia and Brazil. These European investments mark the company’s initial step toward positioning itself in French, British, Spanish, Dutch, and Swiss markets, with a goal to finance a portfolio of 300 projects by 2024.

Unergy’s model involves raising capital to construct and operate mini-solar farms, offering a profitability range of 7% to 10% per year. Leveraging Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, the platform allows individuals to invest with as little as $500, providing real-time transparency on performance.

The company optimizes production capacity through strategic location, land characteristics, regulatory stability, financing needs, and a patented mobile solar panel system, projecting an initial investment of about $1 million per project and annual profits between $150,000 and $180,000.

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