Wartsila Intros Groundbreaking Ammonia-Powered Engines for Green Shipping Revolution

Wärtsilä’s new 4-stroke engine-based solution for ammonia fuel

Wartsila, a technology giant, has announced the debut of the marine industry’s maiden commercially available 4-stroke engine-powered by ammonia, marking a pivotal leap toward sustainable shipping practices.

In a revolutionary stride amid escalating global environmental concerns, Wartsila has unveiled a groundbreaking solution poised to transform the maritime sector’s landscape. The introduction of an ammonia-based engine, incorporated within the Wartsila 25 engine platform launched in September 2022, stands as a beacon of innovation in response to the escalating demand for eco-friendly fuel alternatives.

Viridis Bulk Carriers Spearheading the Transition

Viridis Bulk Carriers, recognized as the world’s pioneering zero-emission shipping enterprise, is set to become the first beneficiary of Wartsila’s cutting-edge ammonia solution. The partnership between Amon Maritime, Mosvolds Rederi, and Navigare Logistics has propelled this company into the limelight, recently formalizing a Letter of Intent with Wartsila to adopt the ammonia engine solution. This landmark move targets a commercial contract signing in early 2024, underscoring Viridis Bulk Carriers’ commitment to revolutionize the European short sea bulk market with a carbon-free transportation service reliant on ammonia-powered vessels.

Elevating Environmental Commitment

André Risholm, a board member at Viridis Bulk Carriers, emphasized the maritime industry’s imperative role in aligning with the Paris Agreement’s goals. He heralded the adoption of ammonia as a carbon-free fuel, highlighting its centrality in significantly reducing emissions. The collaboration with Wartsila, Risholm affirmed, marks a pivotal milestone in their pursuit of ammonia-powered short sea bulk vessels.

Wartsila’s Vision and Technological Advancements

Håkan Agnevall, President and CEO of Wartsila, lauded the company’s pioneering role in steering the marine and energy sectors towards decarbonization. This milestone achievement reinforces Wartsila’s commitment to viable and secure future marine fuels. The collaboration with Viridis Bulk Carriers signifies a pivotal step in advancing towards net-zero emissions shipping, accelerating the adoption of greener fuels.

Comprehensive Solution and Environmental Impact

Beyond the engine itself, Wartsila’s ammonia-based solution encompasses an integrated system ensuring safety, efficiency, and optimal exhaust after-treatment. The technology boasts a robust automation system and a comprehensive maintenance agreement, aimed at guaranteeing safe and efficient onboard operations. Additionally, crew training and 24/7 global support fortify the seamless integration of ammonia as a new fuel, prioritizing safety and crew familiarity.

Towards a Sustainable Future

Stefan Nysjö, Vice President of Power Supply at Wartsila Marine Power, emphasized that this milestone is just the inception of their commitment. While the Wartsila 25 stands as the pioneer in running on ammonia, the company remains dedicated to advancing and expanding its portfolio, focusing on further reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

The adoption of sustainable ammonia emerges as a leading contender in shipping’s quest for clean fuel alternatives. Wartsila’s latest innovation not only surpasses current EU targets until 2050 but also exceeds the IMO target for 2040, immediately curbing greenhouse gas emissions by over 70 percent compared to conventional diesel solutions.

Wartsila’s unwavering commitment to technological evolution and sustainability heralds a promising era for the maritime industry, underscoring its dedication to pioneering eco-conscious solutions that redefine the future of shipping.