Zendure @ Intersolar 2024

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Zendure, a EnergyTech company, has launched two products — SolarFlow Hyper and SolarFlow Ace — at Intersolar 2024.

SolarFlow Hyper is the Plug & Play AC Coupling Energy Storage Solution, promising cost efficiency for rooftop PV system owners.

ZenLink from Hyper 2000 is a local communication technology that empowers multiple SolarFlow Hyper to autonomously connect and communicate within the microgrid of a house. ZenLink’s networking allows multiple Hyper sets to synchronize effortlessly on the same phase, capping the total power of 1,800 W.

Furthermore, supporting MPPT range of 1.8 to 5.4 kw, SolarFlow Hyper sets on each phase can store from 7.68 kWh to 23.04kwh.

SolarFlow Hyper offers extended cost optimization through the time-of-use (TOU) principle. With 1200W bidirectional AC charging capability, Hyper integrates Nord Pool pricing notifications to charge when the electricity prices are low and discharge when they are high.

By actively monitoring and responding to day-ahead energy prices, Hyper ensures maximum cost savings and enhanced control over energy management. Hyper’s customized energy plan mode allows users to engage in advanced energy management and leverage consumption patterns, smart appliances, and real-time energy prices for optimal efficiency.

SolarFlow Ace is tailored for both on-grid and off-grid scenarios. SolarFlow Ace has 7.68 kWh capacity, and warranty protection.

Zendure Hyper 2000 and Ace 1500 are available from 19th June 2024 (GMT+1) starting at 799 euros and 499 euros (VAT excluded).

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