BPL Global opens new office in India

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BPL Global opens new office in India

By Greentech Lead India:  BPL Global, a smart grid
technology company, has opened a new office in Gurgaon, India, as part of the
company’s on-going efforts to serve the global smart grid market. With this new
office, BPLG aims to provide base of operations to serve the growing market for
smart grid solutions throughout India.

The International Energy Administration expects electricity
demand in India to more than triple by 2035. A significant challenge in India’s
electric grid is maintaining the supply/demand balance.

It is expected that smart grid
market in India including smart meters, sensors, communications
infrastructure and smart T&D equipment will reach 1.9 billion USD in 2015.

Smart grid technology will play a critical role in the
future development of the electric grid in India. BPLG sees a significant
potential in Indian smart grid market and the company is looking to take the
full advantage of the opportunity.  

“Electric utilities value buying from companies with a local
presence and the market in India is a significant opportunity. Our experience
in India demonstrated the viability of further investment in the region. With
growing demand for our solutions in India, we are already seeing positive results,” said Peter Londa, CEO of BPLG.

BPLG said that key areas of investment will
include managing demand to better align with generation capacity, integration
of renewables and electricity storage as well as managing power quality. Demand
management will include residential, commercial and industrial load as well as
agricultural pumps. Intelligent management of distributed renewable energy
resources combined with demand side management can improve system efficiency
and reliability.

“Investing in local resources to serve the rapidly
growing smart grid market in India strengthens our ability to deliver our
solutions for advanced distribution automation. We can work more closely with
electric utility executives faced with increasing expectations for reliability,
efficiency and power quality,” said Bharat Vats, general manager of India
Operations for BPLG.

 BPL Global participates in Innovative Electric Vehicle Project

Recently, BPLG joined hands with Freshmile, the Hager Group,
FAM Automobiles and the University of Technology in Belfort-Montbeliard (UTBM)
on the “Alsace Auto 2.0” project. The project will provide electric
cars to end-users on a subscription basis, an electric mobility service.

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