ComEd to launch LED streetlight pilot in Chicago

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ComEd plans to introduce a pilot program to install smart, energy-efficient LED streetlights in two Chicago suburbs, Bensenville and Lombard.

Through this six month pilot, ComEd will replace around 800 ComEd fixtures in Bensenville and Lombard combined.

The smart streetlights will use the communications network installed by ComEd, as part of its smart grid investments.

Photo courtesy Go Chicago
Photo courtesy Go Chicago

These street lights will be connected to a wireless network that allows for two-way communication with grid operators.

The smart streetlight technology has the ability to be paired with other applications that would help improve safety, security and quality of life for the communities.

Through a web portal, municipalities can control the dimming and daily scheduling of these lights. In addition, authorities will get notification if a lamp is in need of maintenance.

In addition, during emergency situations control can be given to first responders to manage streetlights on-demand.

The LED streetlights that work on one-third of the energy will last up to one and a half times longer, offering better quality of light compared to traditional fixtures.

Besides, these fixtures are equipped with a digital node in order to track the energy usage of each light fixture, which will help the utility to bill for the actual energy used.

It was estimated that, the city of Los Angeles saved more than 63 percent off its electricity bill, four years after installing LED lights.

ComEd and authorities will review the pilot results to analyze benefits gained through this technology, with an aim to further develop a large-scale smart streetlight service plan.

ComEd will initiate this program in June as part of its energy efficiency portfolio.

Sabeena Wahid
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