EE Off Grid Hub to be opened in Arava

The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative, developer of renewable energy projects in Israel is planning to launch the Eilat Eilot Off Grid Hub (EE Off Grid Hub) that focuses on developing and establishing grid technologies, during the Eilot-Eilot Green Energy Conference.

The Eilat-Eilot Green Energy Conference is scheduled to be held at the Herods and Dan Hotels in Eilat on December 7-9.

The EE Off Grid Hub will be based on Kibbutz Ketura in southern Israel, managed jointly by the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative and the Arava Institute.


The Hub will focus on supporting the development of products and technologies including energy, water and agriculture requirements in countries that are not connected to national water and energy grids.

In addition, it will also support companies catering in energy, water and agricultural sectors with field testing facilities and a demonstration environment to install, analyze and showcase their off grid products and solutions.

In developing and emerging countries, the demand for off grid solutions are high where electricity grids, water systems, sanitization facilities and other traditional infrastructure do not exist, explained Tomer Weinstein, director, EE Off Grid Hub.

By facilitating the development of off grid technologies, we can improve the daily lives of millions of people living in rural as well as urban and peri-urban areas in developing and emerging countries, added Weinstein.

The EE Off Grid Hub aims to participate in companies market entry support and assist in fund raising activities through local partners in target markets.

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