GE to provide smart metering solutions for UK Utilities


GE’s Digital Energy business will associate with U.K. utilities to help the government achieve its vision of getting smart meters installed in every home by 2020.

The legislation wants all utilities to install smart meters in residential and commercial locations by the end of 2020.

GE’s SGM1300 IEC smart electricity meter will provide utilities with the advanced metering infrastructure, providing on-time and accurate billing information to customers.

The implementation of GE’s SGM1300 smart meters across a utility’s service network can provide a wide range of benefits for both the utility and its customers, said, Ed Myszka, general manager, meters, GE’s Digital Energy business.

GE’s meters will enable an effective two-way communication between utilities and their customers. These smart meters will offer customers with half-hourly data on their energy usage.


U.K. utilities can transform the delivery of electricity, giving consumers high control over the energy consumption and costs by deploying advanced meters as well as other components of their grid modernization initiatives.

For consumers this smart meters upkeep home area network communications, integrating local devices like GE gas meter, using the in-home display that will provide a clear picture of the electricity and gas usage, allowing better management of power consumption.

The SGM1300 is available in single-phase and dual-element meter options, featuring unique LCD display with intuitive icons, which let to know the time when the meter is connected to the network and up and running on the system.

This removes any uncertainty and provides confidence that the installer can leave the installation fully operable.

In addition, the SGM1300 electricity smart meter ensures security through a variety of anti-tampering features and secure communications solutions. These features notify the utility in case tampering happens and encryption techniques maintain data integrity during communications.

Sabeena Wahid
[email protected]