Grid connected solar capacity in India surpassed 1040 MW in July 2012

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Grid connected solar capacity in India surpassed 1040 MW in July 2012

Greentech Lead India: The use of solar energy in India is
increasing. Total grid connected solar capacity has increased to 1040.67 MW in
July 2012, from 2.5 MW on August 2011, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, the Minister of New
and Renewable Energy, said in Rajya Sabha.

Funds to the tune of Rs. 28,709.07 lakhs were sanctioned
in 2010-11 for off-grid applications. This is now increased to Rs. 55097.33
lakhs in 2011-12.

The government is also planning to promote the use
of green energy in telecommunications sector based on the recommendations from
TRAI, Dr. Farooq Abdullah informed Rajya Sabha.

In its recommendation ‘Approach towards Green
Telecommunication’ TRAI suggests the use of green energy in the
telecommunication sector setting broad directions and goals to achieve desired
reduction in carbon emission through use of Renewable energy technologies and
energy efficient equipment.

DoT has issued directions to the licensees in this
regard. They stipulate that at least 50 percent of all rural telecom towers and
20 percent of the urban towers are to be powered by hybrid power (Renewable
Energy Technologies + Grid Power) by 2015 while 75 percent of rural towers and
33 percent of urban towers are to be powered by such systems by 2020.

As per the estimates by Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers
Association (IWTMA), the Public Sector Units (PSUs) have so far established
around 1135 MW wind power projects in the country. Government is planning to
promote wind power projects through private sector investments with promotional
and fiscal incentives for importing critical components of wind power

Manufacturers will also get excise duty exemption, in
addition to 10 years tax holiday on income generated from wind power projects.
Technical support including wind resource assessment is provided by the Centre
for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), Chennai. In addition, preferential tariff
is being provided in many states. 

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