GRID20/20 integrates with smart grid network from Landis+Gyr, Itron


GRID20/20, the DTM intra-grid sensor provider, announced integration of its devices with smart grid communication networks from Landis+Gyr and Itron.

GRID20/20, the Distribution Transformer Monitor provider, is capable of deploying its intra-grid sensors within the Landis+Gyr Gridstream network and the Itron OpenWay smart grid network.

Scott Bussing, VP, Sales, GRID20/20, stated, “We have focused on addressing the distribution transformer monitoring opportunities with existing communications networks in place. Our field-testing is encouraging and we now look forward to driving solution into this legacy AMI markets. Utility customers want to leverage their AMI platform investment and we have an offer of ‘plug-and-play’ platform enhancement for them.”

Following a recent testing, GRID20/20 has proven that its OptaNODE DTM devices can integrate within an existing Landis+Gyr Gridstream advanced metering network. This deployment will enable GRID20/20 to offer intra-grid sensor capability for more than 6 million distribution transformers at utilities using the Gridstream network.

Similarly, the Itron OpenWay-enabled OptaNODE DTM devices have tested well at several utilities in the western and southern United States. Integration with OpenWay expands the market potential for GRID20/20 OptaNODE devices by 4 million additional transformers which are currently serving Itron’s smart grid deployments.

Alan Snook, president, GRID20/20, commented, “In addition to the global network deployment capability using GSM communications, we are DTM providers who have integrated with both Itron and Landis+Gyr communications networks. Now we will enable utilities to leverage their existing smart meter infrastructures by adding critical intra-grid sensors into their smart grid networks, or freely choose to operate autonomous networks using our GSM or RF Mesh enabled devices.”

With the help of ‘plug and play’ GSM communications enabled devices and proprietary network enabled devices, the OptaNODE DTM solution provides advanced grid intelligence to utilities. The list of valuable grid management enhancements includes asset management and condition monitoring (AMCM), preventive maintenance awareness and outage notification.

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