GRID20/20 signs partnership with GRIDiant to offer integrated grid monitoring system

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GRID20/20 signs partnership with GRIDiant to offer integrated grid monitoring system

By Greentech Lead America: GRID20/20, an electric distribution
management company, has entered into a strategic partnership with GRIDiant to
integrate GRID20/20’s OptaNODE Distribution Transformer Monitors with
GRIDiant’s Advanced Grid Management software.

The combined “GRID20/20 Suite” will provide
grid monitoring, visualization, analytics, and optimization to the municipal
and cooperative utility industry worldwide.

Both platforms have been developed and tested at major
utilities. The GRID20/20 Suite is scheduled for commercial release in the
summer of 2012, with initial pilots planned at selected North American
municipal and cooperative utilities.

The joint application will assist utilities in several
valuable areas including the detection and prevention of power pilferage. 

Combined with GRIDiant’s extensive analytics, GRID20/20
delivers automated power distribution optimization solutions that enable
municipal and cooperative utilities to realize accelerated ROI.

 “Our partnership with GRIDiant combines powerful
best practices in electric distribution monitoring, management and analytics.
These features are essential to optimizing the efficiency and reliability of
utilities’ power distribution systems,” said Alan Snook, president of

GRID20/20 offers monitoring devices, which capture
critical performance data from the grid that is analyzed and displayed by
GRIDiant’s software suite in real time. These data enable utility operators to
pinpoint performance anomalies, conduct preventive maintenance, and ensure that
power flows are operating at peak efficiency. 

GRID20/20 delivers distribution transformer monitoring
solutions for domestic and international markets.  Its OptaNODE
Distribution Transformer Monitors (DTMs) feature the fastest installation in
the market.

“By comparing dynamic power flow calculations of
what the grid should be doing against real-time performance data across
transformers, power lines and feeders into the substation, we provide critical
visibility into the entire distribution system.  This provides utilities
with the ability to pinpoint suboptimal performance immediately,”
said Andy Colman, CEO of GRIDiant.

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