IBM and Telvent selected by Canadian electricity distributor for Smart Grid project

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IBM and Telvent selected by Canadian electricity distributor for Smart Grid project

Greentech Lead America: IBM and its business partner
Telvent have been selected by Hydro One, a distributor of electricity in
Canada, for a new smart grid project.

The companies will run simulations and tests to determine
the smart grid technologies that have the potential to improve power efficiency
and reliability.

Installed in the 1950s, many components of Ontario’s
current electricity distribution system have reached the end of their service
life. More recently, technological advancements, provincial governmental
policy, market forces and increased environmental awareness have added pressure
to the demands on Ontario’s electricity distribution system.

“As equipment on our distribution system ages, it
needs to be replaced. This creates an opportunity to create a world-class
network with new, intelligent and sophisticated technologies to meet the
changing needs of our customers,” Rick Stevens, vice president, Asset
Management, Hydro One.

Hydro One’s collaboration with IBM and Telvent will help
Hydro One assess the next generation of distribution equipment and make the
right choices for customers looking for more reliable electricity, particularly
in rural areas.

The Advanced Distribution System (ADS) project will help
the utility identify and assess equipment, test new delivery models for
electricity, validate the costs and benefits anticipated with a new smart grid
and recommend changes to cost effectively modernize Ontario’s distribution

Hydro One will be able to optimize energy utilization and
management for greater efficiency while accommodating consumer demand.

“Utilities around the world are investigating new
smart grid technologies to help solve complex challenges caused by an aging
infrastructure and increasing demand,” said Guido Bartels, general manager
of IBM’s Energy & Utilities Industry and Chairman of the Global Smart Grid

IBM will provide expertise in smart grid technologies,
planning and implementation to oversee the reliability of the network solution.
Hydro One will use the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), from
Telvent, a real-time solution that will provide complete functionality for
planning, operation and analysis of its distribution system. This will allow
Hydro One to more accurately manage and plan their grid investments.

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