IBM in pact with ESB to offer electric vehicle smart charging IT System in Ireland

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IBM in pact with ESB to offer electric vehicle smart charging IT System in Ireland

Greentech Lead America: IBM has formed partnership with
ESB, a company responsible for the rollout of electric vehicle infrastructure
in Ireland and the operation of supporting IT/communications systems,
to implement a fully integrated smarter charging IT system for electric

The new smarter charging IT system will help manage
electric vehicle public charge-points, which are being rolled out
across Ireland by ESB Networks. EV drivers can access, charge and
pay, using an identification card.

The platform will connect ESB Networks with the energy
retailers and the charge-points, allowing all three to communicate energy usage
and financial data directly. This will provide the analytics and intelligence
needed to better forecast and balance the load on the power grid as well as
help ESB Networks to monitor the health and status of the charge-points to
ensure service reliability.

This project also helps utilities access energy usage
data that can help improve smart grid operations, reduce power strain during
peak charging times, and ensure reliable energy distribution to customers.

“Green energy and cloud computing are key sectors
being targeted by the Government as part of our Action Plan for Jobs,” said
Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD. ‚ÄúThis
innovative partnership between an Irish energy company and a global IT leader
puts Ireland at the forefront of global developments in the electric
vehicle sector by using cutting edge cloud technologies, and represents a clear
demonstration of what is possible in this area. Ireland will now be
the first country globally to put in place this system on a national basis, and
I am determined to ensure that through continued implementation of our plan we
will see further examples of leadership in these areas.”

With approximately 1,000 public
charging-points currently available, ESB Networks is on track to deliver
one of the largest integrated and operational electric vehicle infrastructures
inEurope. ESB Networks will use IBM’s Intelligent Electric Vehicle Enablement
Platform to provide the services needed to operate and manage the charge-points
installed throughout Ireland.

This project is bolstered by Ireland’s energy policy
to increase sustainable energy use in the transportation sector by 2020.
 The country targets to produce 40 percent of the country’s current
electricity consumption from renewable energy and have electric vehicles
represent every tenth car on Irish roads.

IBM Intelligent EV Enablement Platform is a cloud
delivered service, which provides operators such as ESB Networks the
flexibility and scalability to add charge-points, incorporate new
functionality, and support more electric vehicles as the market grows.

ESB Networks will have the capabilities to securely
maintain customer and charge point data such as energy consumption, charging
location, and settlement data. This information can then be used to calculate
and reconcile the energy market. With this level of financial insight, industry
participants can manage regular and interruptible tariffs and calculate the
appropriate billing costs.

ESB Chief Executive, Pat O’Doherty said, “ESB
Networks is rolling out a smart recharging network nationwide and committed to
offering a service that will benefit the consumer, electricity retailer as well
as the electricity grid. This project has the potential to significantly
improve efficiencies in EV charging, streamline management services and
contribute to the overall reduction of CO2 emissions.”

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