Infrax Systems unveils Secure Network Interface Card for Itron smart meters

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Infrax Systems, a provider of unified smart grid technologies and services, has completed the development of their flagship product, Secure Network Interface Card (SNIC), designed for the Itron Centron II family of Smart meters.

The company expects the production and sales of the product will start the first quarter of 2014.

The SNIC solution allows it to be easily adapted to accommodate meters from any other manufacturers in the future. The enhanced security feature in the card ensures data transmitted to and from the meter is totally secure.

The Next generation GRIDMesh communication network operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The patented network stack and segmented LAN architecture provides greater bandwidth, multi-layered security and enhanced reliability from meter to the central office (head end).

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The SNIC module is prepared for ANSI lab and FCC certifications. Final development of the other GRIDMesh communication platform units will take place in parallel to the certification process of the SNIC module, the company said. Itron certification process will follow the ANSI certification.

The SNIC is designed for the next generation (Smart Grid II) AMI/Smart Grid network that provides enhanced security, high bandwidth and reliability through a multi-layered, segmented LAN architecture that is intuitive and user friendly.

Smart Grid II is security, bandwidth, intelligence, riding over a network that is adaptive, reliable and resilient.

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