Israel Smart Energy Association joins Global Smart Grid Federation

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Israel Smart Energy Association joins Global Smart Grid Federation

Greentech Lead America: The Global Smart Grid Federation
(GSGF) announced that Israel Smart Energy Association (ISEA) has joined the

ISEA promotes technology innovation, economic development
while enhancing cooperation for the electricity network of the future, bringing
Smart Grids from vision to reality.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome ISEA to
the Global Smart Grid Federation. The members of GSGF believe that by directly
linking national and regional associations they can facilitate the global
sharing of best practices, finding workable solutions around barriers to the
deployment of smart grid technologies; increasing consumer engagement; and
promoting innovation and capacity building,” said Guido Bartels, GSGF

The ISEA membership, representing the Israeli energy,
technology, and sustainable business ecosystem will enhance the reach of the
GSGF and make it an even more effective advocate in helping governments to
understand the challenges and benefits of smart grid deployment.

“Smart Grid development is an important factor in
building a sustainable and secure energy infrastructure in Israel including
energy, transportation and the security of energy supply in our region. The
ability to collaborate on a global scale will result in a clearer understanding
of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” said Amos Lasker,
ISEA Chairman.

“If you are in favor of renewables, or demand
response, or electric vehicles, you are in favor of the smart grid because it
is the enabler. I congratulate the GSGF for leading the way to true global
collaboration in an area so critical to our future,” said Jesse Berst,
founder and chief analyst of Smart Grid News.

The Israel Smart Energy Association is the tenth member
of the GSGF, joining GridWise Alliance (U.S.), EDSO for Smart Grids (EU), India
Smart Grid Forum, Japan Smart Community Alliance, Korea Smart Grid Association,
Smart Grid Australia, Smart Grid Canada, SmartGrid GB (Great Britain), and
SmartGrid Ireland. 

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