Itron and Cisco support smart grid project for LADWP

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Itron and Cisco support smart grid project for LADWP

Greentech Lead U.S: Itron, a provider of smart meter
solution, announced that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP),
the nation’s largest municipal utility, has selected Itron and Cisco
technologies for its smart grid demonstration project.

The project, supported by U.S. Department of Energy ARRA
funding, will provide the city with the ability to evaluate technology and
program benefits as part of its continuing grid modernization and
infrastructure improvements.

This project will allow evaluation and development of
increased energy efficiency and grid reliability, improved water resource
management, and new programs and services for customers. It will also create a
foundation for the integration of electric vehicles onto the grid

LADWP will install up to 52,000 Itron smart electric
meters and 20 smart water modules that will operate over an integrated cellular
and multi-application IPv6 communication network based on the Cisco
GridBlocks architecture using Cisco Connected Grid routers and Network
Management System.

In partnership with Cisco Services, LADWP will be
able to deploy a secure, scalable communications infrastructure. Installation
is scheduled to be complete by fall 2013.

LADWP will also be able to evaluate the technology to
detect and restore power outages more quickly with this smart grid solution,
and have the technology platform in place to shift peak power loads during
periods of high demand to improve system efficiency and reliability within the
project area.

“We look forward to working with Itron, Cisco and other
developers as part of our demonstration project to prove the viability and
evaluate the benefits of smart grid and smart water technologies for both DWP
and our customers,” said Aram Benyamin, Senior Assistant General Manager, Power
System at LADWP.

“LADWP is a truly visionary utility and we are excited to
support their smart grid demonstration project,” said Philip Mezey, president
and COO of Itron Energy. “With Itron’s smart grid solution, LADWP could have a
technology platform in place to manage the delivery and use of energy and water
resources and build a more sustainable future.”

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