Itron announces installation of four millionth smart meter by Southern California Edison

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Itron announces installation of four millionth smart meter by Southern California Edison

Greentech Lead America: Itron announced the installation
of the four millionth smart meter by Southern California Edison (SCE), an electric

Smart meters and associated smart metering systems
installed by SCE are supporting programs and services that enable consumers to
better manage their electricity usage and take steps to save energy and save
money on their utility bills.

“Itron is proud to work with visionary utilities like SCE
to empower consumers to take control of their energy futures. An informed and
empowered energy consumer is central to achieving many of the benefits of the
smart grid. Our technology is playing a key role in helping SCE make the smart
grid a reality,” said Philip Mezey, president & COO, Itron Energy.

SCE’s smart metering program called Edison SmartConnect
is enabling a number of SCE customers to take advantage of advanced programs
and services, including Budget Assistant and Save Power Days. The new
technology provides access to hourly and 15-minute electricity usage data
through SCE’s secure online My Account page or customer call center.

SCE customers can set a target for their monthly bill and
receive alerts based on timely and accurate data from their smart meter.
Customers can participate in Save Power Days, an incentive program to reward
residential customers with a bill credit for reducing their electricity
consumption on specific days when there is peak demand.

SCE said close to 2 million customers now have access to
these programs and services.

SCE is targeting a reduction in peak load of 1,000
Megawatts and reduced greenhouse gases of 365,000 tons per year, which equates
to removing about 79,000 vehicles from the road.

In addition, SCE has already seen reduced residential
energy consumption, improved customer experience and increased operational

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