Itron to deliver managed services to Brazil water utility


Itron announced today that Departamento Municipal de Água e Esgotos (DMAE), a leading water utility in Porto Alegre, Brazil, has selected Itron to deliver managed services.

The utility, which serves 1.5 million residents, will use Itron’s managed services to run, manage and maintain Itron’s commercial & industrial (C&I) water monitoring solution, including 3,000 WaterMind supervision analyzers.

The solution will help the utility improve the efficiency of its operations and reduce non-revenue water.

Itron’s team of experts will operate the monitoring solution, which turns meter information into intelligence that DMAE can use to protect its revenue, improve operational efficiency and enhance the satisfaction level of C&I customers.

The solution remotely monitors the daily consumption patterns of C&I customers and immediately detects events such as leaks, meter blockages, backflow, excessive consumption or significant pressure drop.

The project will start by automating the process of reading DMAE meters. As a part of the contract, Itron will manage the solution for five years, including two years of installation.

“Itron water monitoring offers an advanced, yet simple way to obtain the data that will help DMAE protect its revenue and manage water more intelligently, while encouraging large consumers to be wiser about their use,” said Samuel Lee, Itron vice president of sales, marketing and solutions for Water in Latin America.

“With greater intelligence comes greater ability to effectively manage water resources. This is how our technology and services are helping DMAE create a more resourceful world,” Lee added.

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