Itron deploys one million water communications in the U.K and Ireland

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Itron has achieved a significant milestone by deploying one million water communication modules in the U.K and Ireland.

The one millionth module was installed for Yorkshire Water as part of a contract to deploy Automated Meter Reading (AMR) services for residential and commercial customers.

The Yorkshire Water’s system represents the largest AMR deployment within the U.K water and wastewater industry.

Itron has deployed nearly 7 million smart water endpoints in Europe. Itron has now become a leading supplier of smart water meters and associated communication technologies, software and services.

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Yorkshire Water manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Yorkshire, supplying around 1.24 billion liters of drinking water each day.

The installation of the millionth Itron communication module takes the number of customers in the Yorkshire water region with AMR services to close to 50 percent.

The specialty of Itron deployments is that it provides a seamless pathway for utilities to migrate from remote mobile reading to fixed network reading.

Itron’s enhanced data around consumption, leakage and alarms help utilities remotely assess the performance of their networks and assets.

Providing valuable information helps promote efficient use of water and leakage reduction alongside customer service improvements in billing and query resolution.

“With this milestone, Yorkshire Water’s system represents the largest AMR deployment within the UK water and wastewater industry,” said Joop Groeneveld, sales director, Netherlands, UK and Ireland for Itron.

In another related announcement Itron  announced the availability of its OpenWay smart grid network on a global scale.

OpenWay is an advanced IP network that supports multiple smart grid applications and devices over an interoperable, secure, enterprise-class network infrastructure.

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