Itron signed a contract with Duquesne Light

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Greentech Lead America: Itron has signed a contract with Duquesne Light to supply smart metering solution across the utility’s entire service territory.

The contract signing follows approval from Duquesne Light’s Board of Directors and Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PAPUC).

The contract is part of Duquesne Light’s smart meter program. Under this contract, Itron will replace the utility’s existing 625,000 electricity meters with Itron smart meters, implement sophisticated back-office data collection software, supply critical network communications infrastructure, and provide comprehensive professional services.

Itron smart meters will be installed on homes and businesses to meet the requirements outlined in ACT 129 passed by the PA legislature in 2008.

The utility selected Itron solutions as they delivered greater flexibility and robust capabilities, said Dave Wolfe, director of Technology, Duquesne Light Company. The smart meters will help the provider meet the requirement of Act 129 and the PAPUC Smart Meter Implementation Order, Dave added.

To ensure the success of the project and the realization of the long-term goals of their program, Itron will be involved with all aspects of the full deployment, including consulting, meter exchange, project management, training and support.

Itron reported quarterly and six month revenues of $482 million and $930 million. The company has improved over the first quarter in nearly every metric.

Commenting on the financial results announced yesterday,  Philip Mezey, Itron’s president and chief executive officer,  said, “We were encouraged by the revenue growth in our core electricity business and improved total gross margin. In addition, our bookings increased 15 percent year-over-year to the highest level in six quarters.”

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