Itron smart meters brings efficient water supply to RWE subsidiary in Western Germany

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Itron, a provider of smart metering solutions, announced that Rheinisch-Westfälische Wasserwerksgesellschaft (RWW), a water supplier located in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, selected Itron to enable more efficient delivery of water in urban areas of Western Germany.

With Itron’s smart water metering solution, RWW, a subsidiary of RWE, one of the major utility companies in Germany, will be able to detect water loss, identify potential theft and increase billing accuracy.

The intelligent metering solution from Itron detects low flow rates and flags abnormally high consumption patterns. It will enable RWW to pursue more focused management of its distribution system to preserve water.

Itron smart meter

The system will also enable bills over shorter periods of time that are easier to understand, empowering customers to more closely monitor their own consumption and discontinue potential wastage.

As a part of the solution, RWW will install 160,000 volumetric residential meters and 40,000 multi-jet meters.

In addition, Itron will deliver a C&I supervision system, including commercial and industrial (C&I) water meters and Itron’s WaterMind solution, for an extensive non-revenue water reduction project.

The deployment will be conducted over four years, starting immediately. Itron will also provide comprehensive training for RWW staff.

The roll-out of Itron’s volumetric water meters helped RWW provide more accurate billing and to cut down on maintenance through enhanced long-term stability of the hardware, said Dr. Christoph Donner, technical director at RWW.

Marco Sievers, head of sales for water and heat in Germany, said, “Together, RWW and Itron set out to make Western Germany a more water-efficient place for the benefit of RWW’s customers and for the sake of the environment.”

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