Itron to help Brazilian water utility reduce water loss and improve revenue

Águas de Matão

Itron announced it has signed a contract with Águas de Matão to help the Brazilian water utility reduce water losses and improve revenue.

The utility, which serves 27,000 customers in the City of Matão in Brazil’s state of São Paulo, will modernize its distribution system with Itron’s smart water solution, including software-as-a-service for analytics and meter data management

Facing non-revenue water levels of up to 50 percent, Águas de Matão sought a solution to help reduce these losses and protect revenues.

With Itron’s solution, Águas de Matão will have more visibility into losses and can better account for water usage with detailed meter data to monitor system performance and improve water efficiency.

In addition, with more accurate water meters, the utility can better track water usage to ensure resources are being used efficiently.

The Itron solution includes residential and commercial & industrial (C&I) water metering automation and monitoring technologies.

Águas de Matão will use Itron Temetra’s advanced data collection and data management software-as-a service to collect and process advanced data and generate insights from across the utility’s distribution network. The data will be available through an online, cloud-based interface that seamlessly integrates with the utility’s billing system.

Itron’s C&I water monitoring technology will allow Águas de Matão to account for lost water by remotely monitoring the daily consumption patterns of larger customers and immediately detecting events, such as leaks, meter blockages, backflow, excessive consumption or significant pressure drop.

“Itron is the right choice for Águas de Matão based on the company’s comprehensive, intelligent solution and its depth of experience in reducing water losses. We look forward to benefit from Itron’s expertise as we work to address our non-revenue water,” said Marcos Araújo, managing director of utilities at Aegea São Paulo, group of Águas de Matão. “By modernizing our distribution system and using sophisticated analytics, we will help ensure that our water resources are better managed.”

“Helping utilities around the world be more resourceful is our mission. Águas de Matão is now on the path to protecting precious water resources while also preventing lost revenue. Our smart water solution will give Águas de Matão great visibility into its operations so it can proactively manage non-revenue water,” said Samuel Lee, Itron vice president of sales, marketing and solutions for Water in Latin America.

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