Itron to improve water distribution system at Snowy Valleys Council

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Itron has signed a deal with Snowy Valleys Council in southeast Australia to improve the operation of its water distribution system.

The council has begun deploying Itron’s water metering automation solution, including Itron subsidiary Temetra’s advanced data collection and data management software as a service (SaaS).

The solution is enabling operational and meter-reading efficiencies and allowing Snowy Valleys Council to bill customers in an accurate and timely fashion.

With fast drive-by metering, the solution collects and processes advanced data to capture insights from across the council’s distribution network. The data is available through an online, cloud-based interface and the solution seamlessly integrates with the council’s billing system, Itron said.

“Itron’s water automation solution is giving Snowy Valleys Council the opportunity to optimize its water operations,” said Dominique Lerouge, Itron vice president for water and heat, Asia Pacific. “The flexibility of the solution allows the council to deploy smart technologies at its own pace and easily upgrade to AMI if the need arises.”

Itron has generated revenues of $507 million, an increase of 8 percent from the third quarter 2015 compared with $470 million in 2015.

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