Itron unveils new solution to allocate heating costs for multifamily housing

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Itron has announced the availability of a new solution for allocation of heating costs for multifamily housing.

EquaScan enables an easier, more accurate and secure way to measure, manage and allocate heat energy costs to consumers in multi-housing dwellings, the company said. Thermal energy is the primary source of heat in multifamily housing. In these instances, in order to bill consumers fairly, a sub-metering or allocation solution is critical.

The “plug-and-play” solution consists of heat cost allocators, water meter communication modules, master radio units and application software. It can be easily installed.

With this solution, Itron targets billing service companies, distributors, retailers and building contractors.


The EquaScan solution enables customers to bill apartment building residents based on their actual consumption, enabling more accurate and fair billing. By providing visibility of the individual energy usage, the solution helps end-users foster more conscious heating habits.  It also gives them more privacy with remote data collection, eliminating the need for reading personnel to enter residents’ apartments to collect reads.

Communication devices are compatible with existing Itron water meters, utilizing open standards. This solution will be marketed in Germany, France, Turkey, China and Russia, among other countries around the world.

“Itron saw a need in the rapidly growing multi-housing market to more accurately measure and bill consumers for the heat they actually use,” said Harald Joellenbeck, vice president of sales, marketing and delivery for heat and allocation solutions at Itron.

“EquaScan provides this emerging market an innovative and simple solution to more accurately and securely monitor and collect energy consumption data,” Joellenbeck added.

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