Johnson Electric unveils disconnect relay for smart meters

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Johnson Electric unveils disconnect relay for smart meters

Greentech Lead Europe: Johnson Electric has launched
Ledex-EM, a disconnect relay product line for smart electric meters. The
Ledex-EM product line is a bi-stable latching relay designed to provide the
highest electrical performance in a compact package.

The remote disconnect function in a smart meter aligns
with the requirements of the electric power industry’s smart grid initiative.

Johnson Electric said the Ledex-EM product line minimizes
contact bounce and resistance. This disconnect relay has the highest magnetic
tamper resistance in any position, preventing switching by an external magnetic

According to Johnson Electric, the Ledex-EM product line
is designed with a circuit breaking capacity up to 120Amps. For smart meter
design flexibility the product line can be customized for multiple control
pin-out positions and special terminals.

“This innovative Ledex-EM product line results from
design collaboration between our engineering centers in Germany, USA and
China” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of
Strategic Marketing.

Recently, Johnson Electric announced the Ledex B14-HD
solenoid to expand its industry-leading product line.

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